About Bats

Bats are not birds. Bats are mammals, which means that they have fur, are warm-blooded, and breastfeed their young like other mammals. They are the only true flying mammals. At present over 1,200 species of bats are recognized worldwide, about a quarter of all known mammal species and the second most abundant mammals after rodents.

What We do

  • Research +

    Bats of Ghana have received very little attention in research. Their nocturnal behaviour, expertise for research and funding availability is Read More
  • Conservation +

    No direct conservation measures are in place for the protection of bats in Ghana. BATlife Ghana is therefore committed to Read More
  • Capacity Building +

    BATlife Ghana realizes the urgency in getting more people to be interested in bat research and conservation in Ghana. We Read More
  • Student Support Programme +

    BATlife Ghana in the long interim hopes to support Ghanaian students by running Student Suport Programe (SSP). This beginning 2016, Read More
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