Survey and conservation of Pohle’s fruit bat in the Eastern Region of Ghana

The Upper Guinean forest of Ghana is among the most important biodiversity hotspots in the world, but has hugely been devastated through human activities such as logging, farming and mining. However, the home of numerous endemic and unique species of high conservation value. Among them is Scotonycteris ophiodon (Pohle’s fruit bat) which is known from only five countries including Ghana.

In 2010, the IUCN listed it as near threatened but close to qualifying as vulnerable based on its high degree of susceptibility to habitat degradation and significant population decline. Aside habitat degradation threatening their survival, the Eastern region where this species was last recorded in Ghana is noticeably and notoriously known as ‘chief bat eaters’, a situation demanding urgent conservation attention. By surveying for this species in the Atewa Forest Reserve in the Eastern Region, focusing on halting bat hunting, involving local community in restoring degraded parts of the forest and bringing major stakeholders to dialogue, this project hopes to save this species from imminent local extinction and promote better life for bats while conserving the remaining fragments of the Upper Guinean forest of Ghana.

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