Thank you for helping BATlife Ghana protect bats.
We are currently in need of:
1.    Conservation/Environmental journalist: We need a journalist who will assist us in our media reportage.
2.    Wildlife Photographer: We need help in taking good field photographs.
3.    Video Editor (Can be performed remotely): We need help in video editing.

We currently are able to make provisions for student volunteers (both local and international) on our field activities. International students are responsible for all their expenses made while volunteering. Support for Ghanaian students is available. We will provide accommodation, food and transportation. The onus is on all volunteers to seek their own insurance and the required medical vaccinations before volunteering. See our Bulletin board for current events.
To volunteer, please fill this form.

What We do

  • Research +

    Bats of Ghana have received very little attention in research. Their nocturnal behaviour, expertise for research and funding availability is Read More
  • Conservation +

    No direct conservation measures are in place for the protection of bats in Ghana. BATlife Ghana is therefore committed to Read More
  • Capacity Building +

    BATlife Ghana realizes the urgency in getting more people to be interested in bat research and conservation in Ghana. We Read More
  • Student Support Programme +

    BATlife Ghana in the long interim hopes to support Ghanaian students by running Student Suport Programe (SSP). This beginning 2016, Read More
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